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ZOOM information

Your student will receive their Teacher/Classroom Zoom Meeting ID with their materials on Friday, August 21st. If you need assistance please contact your student's teacher. You can also contact the front office at (949) 515-6970.

Distance Learning toolkit

Additional resources to support your student in Distance Learning can be found here.

Distance Learning


Check out NHES’ Distance Learning schedule for students!

This is an overview of the schedules. Your student’s teacher will be providing a more detailed schedule suited to the needs of the grade-level and class.

Attendance will be taken during the Morning Meeting and Core Instruction ZOOM times.

Students will have small group ZOOM sessions at designated times on specific days. Students will have the opportunity to complete independent work when not engaged with a teacher on ZOOM.

1-6 schedule
tkk schedule

stay connected


technology support

If you need a district Chromebook, please complete the NMUSD Technology Request Form.

If you have a district Chromebook, but it is not working properly: call the district support HOTLINE 714-424-5050. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, an arrangement will be made for you to exchange for a working device.

If you are unsure about how to access programs, log into programs, upload work, or need help with passwords: Ask your teacher. If the problem cannot be resolved quickly, or your teacher is in the middle of teaching and you need immediate assistance, please call the front office and we can take as much time as need to help resolve the issue!

back-to-school bags

If you missed the distribution/pick-up, please call the front office to make an appointment to pick up your students' materials, textbooks, workbooks, etc!