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Newport Heights Elementary - Where Students Achieve Great Heights!

Front of Newport Heights Elementary

Our school is located in the neighborhood of Newport Heights, a very desirable area to live that is on the bluff above the beautiful Newport Harbor, and close enough to the beach to ride your bike to the boardwalk.  Our students are lucky to have both their future middle school and high school within blocks of us, so they are provided a K-12 experience all very close to home.  Many of our students and their families love the outdoors and participate in activities such as soccer, water polo, swimming, sailing, and junior lifeguards in the summer. 

We are proud to be focused on providing students with a strong foundation in learning to help them reach all of their future goals.  We focus on the whole child and recognize individual strengths while also providing support through our Multi-Tiered System of Support program.  

We believe in technology and how it meets students needs to create content, in their own voice, and look for ways to allow them to publish to wider audiences.  We have a state-of-the-art "Shark Tank" where students are allowed to work with professional video production carts, greenscreens, audio recording equipment, coding and robotics.  This classroom has an interactive Nureva display screen that allows teams to work alongside each other continually displaying their work production.  This space is supported by a certificated teacher and open for students to use in their free time, creating a very busy and exciting space.

Our staff is much beloved by our families and create a very positive environment for children.  We believe in the Arts and have our own student orchestra that is students can join to learn the violin.  Our students study Art History and create art regularly in every grade.  Our classrooms always have delightful student work on display.  Our PTA sponsors a wonderful school play and talent show that is a community favorite for all.

Our parent groups work tirelessly to support our needs on campus.  Our Foundation works to raise funds that are currently being used to provide extra support to students in classrooms with instructional assistants.  They are also integral in developing our technologically innovative Shark Tank.  Our PTA also raises funds and supports classrooms by bringing many well-attended school events to us each year such as Jog-a-Thon, ArtWalk, Game Nights, etc.  Our English Language Advisory Council and School Site Council are very active and provide strong leadership in many areas.  All of our parent groups welcome participation from all and do so much to create a very healthy community on campus.

Newport Heights Elementary aligns all resources so that STUDENTS ACHIEVE GREAT HEIGHTS!

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