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School Safety Update: September 2018
Posted 9/19/18

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In our continued effort to improve safety on our campuses, we would like to inform you about a few safety updates throughout Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD). For a more robust look into school safety, we encourage you to visit the NMUSD Safety Webpage at  

School Resource Officers (SRO):

We partner with the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach Police Departments to provide School Resource Officers (SRO), which are local law enforcement officers who serve our schools and district facilities. We are in discussions to increase the number of SROs and increase their presence at elementary schools.

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

Our District hired four additional school psychologists and a coordinator of student services to provide enhanced services in the areas of student social, emotional, and behavioral  well-being.

Our district recently hired two additional school social workers and four additional school psychologists to share in the delivery of psychological support services, conduct risk and threat assessments, and participate on the districts Crisis Response Team.

We have a threat assessment processes and will be implementing a team threat assessment model consistent with the recommendations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other community agencies. This will focus on the identification and response to potential threats on our school campuses.

We continue to develop and will implement a restorative culture plan, where students are held accountable and provided support throughout all our schools, as well provide ongoing staff training in the areas of school discipline.

Suicide prevention, identification, and response training also will continue, along with a focus to support Positive Behavior and Intervention Systems to enhance school climate and promote a positive school culture.

Physical Environment:

NMUSD staff, in conjunction with our district’s security consultant, fencing expert, and school site administration conducted physical site safety reviews at each of our schools to determine potential enhancements to improve physical school security.

As part of this review, some physical security and safety enhancements will begin construction in the 2018/19 school year. Please read the School Fencing (August 2018) news Item for more information.

Three schools (Mariners, Newport Heights, and Wilson elementary schools) completed fencing and front office reconfiguration in summer 2018 to better manage access to the campus.

Visitor Check-in Process:

Beginning in the 2018/19 school year, all visitors to school and district properties will be required to show a valid photo identification when requesting access to the site. Our district is using the Raptor Visitor Management System at every school site to track visitors and volunteers during the school day. Read more about this in the Raptor Visitor Management news item.

Emergency Communication System: Titan

Beginning in the 2018/19 school year, NMUSD will use the Titan Emergency Communication System as the Emergency Communication System district wide. Titan will allow staff to provide emergency information and updates via text, email, phone, and mobile application alerts. Contact your school to learn more about the emergency communication system.