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Come See Our Harry Potter Board!

Come See Our Harry Potter Board!

Newport Heights Librarian

We have an exciting new automated library processing system this year.

This new system allows for parents/students to access our library from home.

Here is the link:

Go out and explore our catalog.  If you need further information on using it, click the Catalog Directions link to the left.  It is a Word document that will explain a little about searching for a book.  The program is very user friendly so experiment.  Your student is able to sign into the system using their student ID and password(six digit birthday).

As you all probably know, our school now has access to Renassiance Enterprise.

This means that your student can test on any A/R book even if we do not have the book in the library. 

Here is a quick link to search to see if a title your student is reading at home has an A/R test, the level and point value.

When selecting titles not in the library you might want to check out the A/R “Interest Level” to be sure the book is age appropriate for your student.

What is Interest Level (IL)?
Interest level is based on a book's content including theme, characterization, and plot. The interest level attached to the book indicates age group appropriateness. Interest level designations reflect the judgment of the book's publisher and the professionals at Renaissance Learning. We group content appropriateness into four categories:

LG = Lower Grades (K-3); MG = Middle Grades (4-8); MG+ = Middle Grades Plus (6 and up); and UG = Upper Grades (9-12).

However, the final decision as to whether the content of a specific book is appropriate for a particular student is the responsibility of school librarians, teachers, and parents.

If you have questions, please contact Sharon Sutton, Newport Heights' Library Media Clerk,

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